The Piñata Shop — Carolina Vidal

When Carolina Vidal couldn't find a piñata for her daughter's birthday, she decided to make one herself. From there, The Piñata Shop was born.

Now, The Piñata Shop is quickly becoming a local favorite. Vidal makes piñatas for every celebration from birthday parties to weddings and corporate events.

Vidal's first experience making piñatas was with her grandmother. Every Christmas, she and her grandmother would make a star piñata for her grandfather, whose birthday was also on Christmas.

For Vidal, bringing piñatas to Anchorage is one way she can give joy to other people. More than anything, she says the shop is a way to stay connected to her Mexican heritage.

"I think my Mexican culture is very rich," she said. "For me to provide a little piece of it  — just like the piñatas — and to try to blend it with Anchorage, and to see the response people have been given me, I can't be any happier."