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Anchorage is home to 45 percent of the foreign-born population of Alaska.



Living in Anchorage


Living elsewhere 


Total Foreign-born Population


Alaska's foreign-born population live in communities across the state. Some of the largest foreign-born communities include Utqiaġvik, Kodiak, Fairbanks, Juneau and Bethel.


The Workforce

Foreign-born Anchorage residents are 8.5 percent of Anchorage's total population, but they are 10.3 percent of the city's entire workforce.

Recreation and Accommodation 19.2%
General Services 14.4%
Health care and Social Assistance 14.1%
Retail Trade 13.9%
Transportation & Warehousing 11.3%


Anchorage has 1,831 foreign-born entrepreneurs.


Foreign-born Anchorage residents are 11 percent more likely to start a business. The foreign-born community as a whole contributes billions to the economy.


$573 million

Spending Power

$163 million

State & Federal Taxes

$1.9 billion

Anchorage GDP


The Founders

Anchorage Founders Project tells the stories of first-generation entrepreneurs who are planting their roots in Alaska's largest city.